Monday, July 6

Oh-So RB Sabbatical

So sorry it's been so long, friends! I certainly should have written sooner.

With baby on the way (so soon!) and our new venture, I've been spending some time reflecting on all the big changes. It's looking like I'm in need of a bit of a vacation from my little blog here and it may just be that I need to close up shop on Oh-So RB altogether. Blogging seems to have changed so much since I began (would you agree?) and I'm hesitant to post just every once and a while (doesn't seem quite right!). Certainly, I've gathered unbelievable inspiration from reading your blogs, writing here and being a part of a great circle of art-minded friends. Any thoughts & suggestions you have would be welcomed. While I'm away, I'll definitely still be listening!

Happy summer to all--enjoy, enjoy!

(Memory jars and handmade thank-yous from Martha Stewart--so lovely!)

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