Sunday, November 30

Find It on Film: Happy-Go-Lucky

S and I are off to the movies on this slightly snowy day to see Happy-Go-Lucky--which looks like just what I need to cheer me up! A teacher learning to drive--girl, we have so much in common! Have you all seen it yet? What's your review?

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Saturday, November 29

Pretty Papillons

Browsing on Oeuf's site, I came across these lovelies: hand-crocheted butterflies, so fine!

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Friday, November 28

Little Rock Star

Right this second, I'm rocking out to the new Lucinda Williams album--tell me, could life be any sweeter? Granted, I'm working away to whittle down a stack of student papers a foot-and-a-half deep but I've got tunes, a little dog at my feet and a cup of hot tea...happy Friday!

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Thursday, November 27

Happy Thanksgiving, friends!

Hope you're having a lovely, lovely holiday! Sorry to have been so quiet this week--we had a super-fabulous birthday party to attend in Kansas City (yay!), some home fix-up duty, then we were on the road--big times! But now we're home and I have plenty of posts I can't wait to share with you. Before all that, tell me: how was the big T'giving feast where you are? M'mmm!

Three things I'm thankful for:
1) The health & happiness of all those we love (my wish for you too!),
2) The chance to enjoy another season of giving (looking forward to sharing here!),
3) The days counting down to time with our families (is there anything better?)...!

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Monday, November 24

Amy Butler, Absolutely Beautiful

Amy Butler is always up to something new and wonderful it seems! My favorites are the bright blues and reds. Can't wait for the Kyoto quilt to come out, not to mention the rest of the organic collection! Wouldn't this shade of Prussian blue be such a fresh color for the bedroom?

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Friday, November 21

Sweet Find: Kiki & Polly

I adore these line drawings from Kiki and Polly--so playful!--and get this: you can order custom portraits. What a delightful gift one of these would be this holiday season!

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Tuesday, November 18

A Pause for Poetry

There are some times when nothing satisfies more than a love poem. Here are two sides of the coin, the being together and apart, both by Matthew Rohrer, a wonderful young poet living in Brooklyn:


I believe there is something else

entirely going on but no single
person can ever know it,
so we fall in love.

It could also be true that what we use
everyday to open cans was something
much nobler, that we'll never recognize.

I believe the woman sleeping beside me
doesn't care about what's going on
outside, and her body is warm
with trust
which is a great beginning.


You called, you're on the train, on Sunday,
I have just taken a shower and await
you. Clouds are slipping in off the ocean,
but the room is gently lit by the green
shirt you gave me. I have been practicing
a new way to say hello and it is fantastic.
You were so sad: goodbye. I was so sad.
All the shops were closed but the sky
was high and blue. I tried to walk it off
but I must have walked in the wrong direction.

I can't help but think the short poem form here is a little bit like a lucid, lyrical polaroid (maybe with a little stitching...!). For more, read on on

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Boy oh boy, busy!

Wow, it has been such a busy day! I've been rushing from teaching to writing to letter-writing to planning to conferencing--whew! I hope you'll forgive me for being slow on posts. It's simply been one of those weeks. Amid all this running around, walking home from my neighbor's I looked up and saw our resident red-tail hawks floating overhead. Beautiful full wingspans. Life never ceases to amaze. I'm going to follow their pattern and keep flying through the week. More tomorrow!

Oh! And you should totally check out Anne's very cool book features over the The City Sage--great reads!

(Image from the lovely Alicia Bock.)

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Sunday, November 16

Designing Wedding Heirlooms: Vintage Purses

We all know about my love of Chlorine Los Angeles--could someone, please, live it up with one of these at your wedding? I don't think it gets too much more glamorous....

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Friday, November 14

A Vision for the Event: Gilded Grey & Blue

Why not save on flowers and go with feathers and fine china? Light blue, grey, gold, I think this spectrum could look lovely no matter the season--simply replace the pumpkins below with leaves.

Image sources: Vera Wang gown from Brides, Martha Stewart, Todd Reed diamond ring from Twist, feather bouquet from Emplume, Karen Mordechai, Jose Villa, Jose Villa, The Lettered Olive.

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Thursday, November 13

Sweet Find: Emily Sutton

Alyson posted about Emily Sutton's birds the other day--aren't they just the most engaging little things? I'm loving the illustrations too--such fine lettering and color.

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Tuesday, November 11

Good Giving Back

Who doesn't need a new totebag? Macy's Shop for a Better World has some colorful, change-making new pieces--not to mention these black and white baskets, so covet-worthy! When better to give back than the holidays, am I right? I can think of a whole list of nonprofits I would love to support this season (see also here, here, here). What are some of your favorite shops and organizations working to make a happier, healthier, safer world?

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Monday, November 10

Sweet Find: House on the Hill

On the cover of the new Martha Stewart--the holiday cookie edition!--is this classic molded cookie and it was love at first sight! House on the Hill offers a wondrous range of cookie making accessories and supplies. I'm thinking ahead to my neighborhood cookie swap...!

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Into the Kitchen: Quicker Coq au Vin

Boy, this cold weather has me feeling homey--in a sort of French way! Outside, we've had this really chilly rain, almost freezing, and I figured I ought to use some of the last of the fresh thyme from our garden in tonight's dinner (what a sight I must have been this morning out there in my slippers hurriedly clipping all the herbs I could find!). I'm putting my own twist on this coq au vin recipe and, as they described, cutting out the fanfare of Julia Child's version (flaming cognac--oolala!). I'll let you know how it goes (I mean, it has to be good since the recipe calls for those cute pearl onions, right?). What are your favorite fall recipes these days?

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Great Gifts Guest: Cassandra of coco+kelley

For one of this week's installments of our 'great gifts' series, I'm so delighted to welcome Cassandra of coco+kelley--truly the best read for your daily dose of glamour!

A favorite at Martha Stewart, coco+kelley is one of the hottest fashion & design blogs out there. Cassandra's aesthetic is--in a word--impeccable. From tableware to chairs to jewelry to the runway, her point of view sparkles and shines. On top of writing her fabulous blog and keeping up her etsy shop, Cassandra has just launched her own style venture--so inspiring! If you have checked out her new online portfolio, it's a must-see. Just imagine: coco+kelley as the creative direction behind your wedding? Yes, please!

On to the gorgeous gifts from Cassandra!

The greatest gift I've ever received: When I graduated from high school, a close family friend bought me *gasp* my first ever piece from Tiffany & Co. I just about died when I saw that little blue box. But the best part wasn't really even the gift ~ it was the message he left inside telling me to wear the bracelet anytime I wanted. I think it was the first time I realized that beautiful pieces should be shared and displayed and used, and completely contributed to my philosophy of always adding a little glamour to everyday life.

{Don't you think everyone needs a little style encouragement from time to time? I just love Cassandra's philosophy of beauty, don't you?}

The greatest gift I've given: When I had studied abroad in Florence, there was a priest in the program who was an amazing artist. He has done hundreds of paintings for alumni and their families over the years, a few of which have been for close friends of mine. So, one year, when my sister and I were struggling over what to get my parents for Christmas, I came up with the idea of commissioning him to paint a scene taken from the small Southern Italian town that my father was born in. I don't think I've ever seen my parents so surprised or moved over a gift before! It was wonderful to have a personal piece created for them with so much meaning behind it.

{The gift of art--so special--and that Italian scene, stunning!}

Cassandra, thanks so much for sharing with us! Can't wait to hear all your news as you keep doing what you love with c+k!

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Sunday, November 9

House Play: New for the Nursery

I love all the modern baby furniture available today--so nice! What do you think? Could this room be ready for boy or girl? It's just so nice to see the new possibilities for baby beyond blue and pink--there are just so many more fun colors! Plus, did I mention I adore this little creature poster from Studio Violet? I highly recommend visiting their beautiful site.

Image sources: bunny nightlight from Pottery Barn Kids, Oeuf crib, Spanish flash cards from Delight, organic kimono from Pokkadots, Denyse Schmidt, Studio Violet, Binth baby book from Serena & Lily, Lands' End blanket, playtable from ducduc, fleece bonnets from Makie, Eames rocker from Design Within Reach, OFFI Nest Bassinet from Design Public (it turns into a table!).

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