Saturday, June 28

A Vision for the Event: Harvest Moon

I began this board with the fabulous top left image from In Style Weddings. I loved the idea of tights for the girls of the wedding party--and grey ones no less! It's so infrequent that you see this kind of detail at a wedding. From there, I thought of the fall and a bright event of the season: the harvest moon. Instead of the usual autumn themes, I tried for something that merged the modern and the organic. Thinking about a round shape seemed important--the beads, the pond, hay bales, round folds in the bride's gown, round tiered cake. I imagine including a haiku in the ceremony would be perfect for this wedding....

Image sources: Instyle Weddings,
Bonbon Oiseau, Architectural Digest, harvest moon scene from here, Carolina Herrera,, Love Jenna (the best calligrapher we know!), The Sartorialist, harvest moon from here.

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Backyard Field Guide: Guess How Much I Love You

For the past week, I've spied a little pair of ears in the grass and then, in a blur, gone! But today I found our new friend settling in for a nap in the grass--and she even let me take pictures!
...I know they eat my flowers, sometimes the particularly beautiful and expensive ones, sometimes down to a nub, but, for some reason, I still love these little guys. To give a little perspective, she's about the size of an apple. One rather fuzzy brown sleepy apple.

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Thursday, June 26

Daydreaming in Color

I was just musing this morning about how reading the blogs is such a joyful daily ritual for me. It's so quiet and rainy here today and yet my head is full of bright splashes of color thanks to the far-flung writers who make up my blog roll.

My favorite posts of the week so far:

Thoughtful Day'
s sweet and funny idea for using Colorstrology to choose your wedding colors:

Design Mom guest blogger Burgin Streetman on making and appreciating art with kids.

d. Sharp on Kate Wilson's hilariously whimsical birdie illustrations--they're floating around on garden vegetables, for crying out loud!

Much gratitude!

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Wednesday, June 25

A Vision for the Event: Cosmos Occasion

Next to zinnias, cosmos are one of my favorite flowers. I think they are the most lush and delicate things. Wouldn't it be great to base a wedding on their colors--magenta, lavender and a hint of yellow--and then have all sorts of jars and pitchers for guests to cut their own flowers? What a way to have an experience together and save money on arrangements! A little lemonade, cake and some old time jazz and I'd say you've got a party.

Images sources: Vera Wang on Brides. com, Southern Living, Melissa Joy Manning, Martha Stewart, Black Pearl Press, lemonade found here,, Petersham Nurseries.

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Monday, June 23

Home Is Where the Art Is: Emile Norman

One of my very favorite things: wooden eggs. Partially because of my Polish background, partially my simple affection for birds, I love egg sculptures. Tonight, watching PBS, we saw a lovely little documentary on Emile Norman and his beautiful Big Sur home. If you haven't heard of his work (like me about an hour ago!), he makes the most whimsical, vivacious pieces out of wood, dirt, plastic and paint. The best: this egg made of a swirling bird sky, every piece a different natural wood. His whole life seems to have been one of complete enthusiasm.

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In the News:

The chapbook is out and--hard to believe--people have noticed! We've been put at the top of the list at on June 23. Who knew anyone would hear! I'm so thankful to the wonderful Noemi Press--they have such a wise and professional editorial staff. And the cover--it's my favorite part! My good, good friend Penny McElroy makes the most delicate, warm and dreamlike artworks. A few more to enjoy below: 1) partly inside, partly outside, 2) the mystery in a pilgrim's heart, 3) the answer inside your question. To say Penny is my favorite artist would be an understatement.

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Great Wedding Blog: And Stanley Makes Three

I've been a fan of Bridget's blog, And Stanley Makes Three, for some time now and last week we got into a lovely conversation via her post on photo lanterns (don't you just love the serendipity of the web!). She is planning her wedding for 2010 and her blog is rich with ideas--such a good read! Not to mention...could her dog be any cuter? Seriously!
Thanks, Bridget, for the feature! I look forward to talking more soon!

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Sunday, June 22

A Vision for the Event: Wintry Woods

With the weather so steamy outside, the air conditioning has had me thinking about winter again, almost anticipating it! Wouldn't it be lovely to have a winter wedding in cool pink and blue tones with very deliberate shocks of red? I can just imagine giving each guest a pair of handknit red mittens as a favor...!

Images sources:
Martha Stewart,,, Martha Stewart, Food Network, JCrew, Martha Stewart, Jeanine Payer at Ylang23 (the bracelet reads 'the journey is the reward'), Lovin Sullivan Cakes, Flickr.

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Wedding Photography Giveaway!

In celebration of the new civil rights achievement in California (yes!), the very awesome Jessamyn Harris is giving away a photo package to a lucky couple getting married at SF City Hall. For details, check out her blog here.

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Saturday, June 21

A Vision for the Event: Orchard Days

I had no idea how fun creating these inspiration boards could be! It's actually a lot like writing a poem....

I started this board with the tiara photo from Carla Caruso, the jeweler who crafted my wedding rings. She does such wonderful organic work. I think it's so funky when the bride gets so dressed up--hair jewelry, high fashion dress--and the groom goes simple, rugged. It seems to work especially well in an orchard setting for some reason (maybe it's all that
Willa Cather I had to read when I got here to Nebraska...!). I love the last picture--it looks like the bride danced all night with complete abandon!

Image sources: Carla Caruso, Michelle Rago, The Satorialist, Petersham Nurseries (thanks to frolic!), Martha Stewart, James Abel, Night Owl Paper Goods, Sissinghurst Castle in (my very favorite garden in the whole wide world), Style Me Pretty.

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