Tuesday, May 26

Heirloom Nursery: Sneak Peek!

Happy spring, friends! I'm sorry for these gaps between posts--I feel like I'm sending you postcards lately from where I am! Things are busybusy with designing and writing for the soon-to-be Clover & Bee (can't wait to share all the exciting bits in the works there!). Plus, I admit, I'm a little caught up in baby-ness--resting and preparing. But, between these adventures, I thought I might share a snapshot of the little man's room in progress (click the images for a larger view). We're trying to keep everything simple--a little modern, a little organic, a little heirloom and very much budget-friendly. I just finished hanging the Ida Pearle alphabet this week--one of my favorite aspects of the space. Every letter is like a poem--e is for elephant, g is for garden, q is for quilt, s is for swim...how wonderful to get to be a kid, am I right? More soon! Do keep me posted on what you're up to!

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Saturday, May 9

Sneak Preview: Clover & Bee Weddings!

After many months of secret keeping, I'm so excited to say we have a little sneak preview of my new site up and live: Clover & Bee Weddings!

With all the fun I had designing our wedding and writing here on Oh-So RB, we decided to take the leap and expand: a wedding guide and blog devoted to all the remarkable professionals and artists here in the Midwest. The process of creating the site has been so joyful--I can't wait to show you the rest! And, I promise, despite all the big things in the works (baby included!), I plan on keeping up here. Oh-So RB is without a doubt my original labor of love--from the first posts I wrote just for myself (can you tell? I didn't think anyone would be reading my little reflections!) to the latest connections I've been so lucky to make.

Thanks for all your support and generosity these past couple years (hard to believe we've been here this long!). I can't say enough about the happiness being a part of the blogging community has brought me and I'm so looking forward to what the future holds for all of us. Cheers all around!

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Tuesday, May 5

Heirloom Nursery: Cloudy with a Chance of Fun

So sorry for the long delay on posting, friends! My soon-to-be not-so-secret project (!) has been taking up most of my time. Plus, being many months pregnant has finally caught up to me--whew! I really appreciate your patience and hope to return the favor with our exciting news very, very soon!

In between the sparks of busy-ness, I have been gathering a few new things in anticipation of our little boy. We're thinking his middle name might be Gray--one of my favorite colors--and I'm looking forward to celebrating with a few hints of the hue in his room...! Bunny booties from Pretty Little, 'Sweet Bunny' print from decoylab, eco plush blanket from boopalina bebe, fabric from skinny laminx (lovely and subtle!). I just love all the new modern possibilities for baby these days, don't you?

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