Monday, October 29

Just When You Think You Know Someone...

Ted Kooser's poetry in comic form is surprising and wonderful. You can find the whole comic on the Poetry Foundation website. I just love those blue morning glories--they're some of our last hangers-on here! And the original poem? It goes a little something like this:

The Giant Slide

Beside the highway, the Giant Slide
with its rusty undulations lifts
out of the weeds. It hasn’t been used
for a generation. The ticket booth
tilts to that side where the nickels shifted
over the years. A chain link fence keeps out
the children and drunks. Blue morning glories
climb halfway up the stairs, bright clusters
of laughter. Call it a passing fancy,
this slide that nobody slides down now.
Those screams have all gone east
on a wind that will never stop blowing
down from the Rockies and over the plains,
where things catch on for a little while,
bright leaves in a fence, and then are gone.

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