Wednesday, April 23

Gratitudes: Week in Review

Just when you think things can't get any better...they do. I've been having to make so many lists lately I figured I might make one in the spirit of this very fine week.

I'm thankful for:

1) Communities of love, as
bell hooks describes them, and the budding love stories of others (especially those I love very much).
2) The patch of white daffodils in my backyard.
3) Mail, including the big shipping box of sparkling wine that arrived on my doorstep this afternoon.
4) The fact that I was able to walk our dog three times in a single day.
5) Short & sweet conversations with my officemates.
6) Crisp, new travel itineraries.
7) Young poets and literary friendships.
8) Paintings and cool museum boardrooms.
9) Witticisms.
The promise of summer teaching.
11) Diana Krall. Tift Merritt. Kate Wolf. Anita O'Day. Ray Charles.
12) Putting my sandals back on for good, for a good, good while.
13) Having enough. Not too much, just exactly enough of what I need.
Finding new causes and new causes for hope.

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