Monday, May 19

Gratitudes: Week in Review

Already! This has already been another week to be thankful for. A few of the major reasons:

Taking a peek at our brand new engagement photos by the fabulous Allison Garrett! The one above is my very favorite--that would be us and our wily little old dog. More pics here.
2) Preparing for friends & family to visit from near and far--so many good phone calls and heart-to-hearts.
Picking up newly completed pieces from the frame shop, including this one below (the lovely doily was made by this fine etsy seller). (I'll admit it's up a little bit early...I couldn't resist!)

4) Hand-sewing for the first time in years--years!
Pulling together the last of the wedding details and getting sentimental (if any song will do it to me it's this one).
Espresso in the mornings and not having to rush anywhere.
Ordering books for the next class I'm teaching (including this one, yum!).
8) The first fresh apricots of the season.
9) Watching the zinnias open their first flowers--magenta, orange,
10) Buying tickets for our first performance at the Santa Fe Opera (
Verde's Falstaff--ahh!).
11) Remaining patient.
12) My very best friend. She's all things.
13) Big days of big sun and big clouds.
14) Being home, home home.

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