Saturday, June 21

A Vision for the Event: Orchard Days

I had no idea how fun creating these inspiration boards could be! It's actually a lot like writing a poem....

I started this board with the tiara photo from Carla Caruso, the jeweler who crafted my wedding rings. She does such wonderful organic work. I think it's so funky when the bride gets so dressed up--hair jewelry, high fashion dress--and the groom goes simple, rugged. It seems to work especially well in an orchard setting for some reason (maybe it's all that
Willa Cather I had to read when I got here to Nebraska...!). I love the last picture--it looks like the bride danced all night with complete abandon!

Image sources: Carla Caruso, Michelle Rago, The Satorialist, Petersham Nurseries (thanks to frolic!), Martha Stewart, James Abel, Night Owl Paper Goods, Sissinghurst Castle in (my very favorite garden in the whole wide world), Style Me Pretty.

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