Saturday, June 28

A Vision for the Event: Harvest Moon

I began this board with the fabulous top left image from In Style Weddings. I loved the idea of tights for the girls of the wedding party--and grey ones no less! It's so infrequent that you see this kind of detail at a wedding. From there, I thought of the fall and a bright event of the season: the harvest moon. Instead of the usual autumn themes, I tried for something that merged the modern and the organic. Thinking about a round shape seemed important--the beads, the pond, hay bales, round folds in the bride's gown, round tiered cake. I imagine including a haiku in the ceremony would be perfect for this wedding....

Image sources: Instyle Weddings,
Bonbon Oiseau, Architectural Digest, harvest moon scene from here, Carolina Herrera,, Love Jenna (the best calligrapher we know!), The Sartorialist, harvest moon from here.

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