Saturday, July 12

A Vision for the Event: Spring at Blackberry Farm

Reading Little Winter Bride, another great wedding blog, I was completely captivated by the Designers Co-op bouquet below. The bright ribbon is perfect with the early spring flowers. I wondered what a board might look like with an elegant country backdrop, simple decorations, some small luxuries, and, my favorite part: rich, pensive undertones. After much searching, this board came to be. After seeing this wedding, I think more brides should wear color--why not!

Image sources: Blackberry Farm in Traditional Home, Designers Co-op via Little Winter Bride, Holly Stalder on Etsy, za za fabric from Purl Soho, Blackberry Farm, JCrew, Bonbon Oiseau, Dawes Design, Jose Villa,, Blackberry Farm, Restaurant Widow.

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