Monday, June 16

Designing Wedding Heirlooms: Flora-lora-la

With the big weekend over, I think I'm spending half my time gazing at our beautiful flowers. I want to remember their every detail before they fade! There are very few things in this life that I can say I love more than flowers.

Jeanette at
Abloom did such an incredible job. Every blossom looked fresh out of the garden. Above is my bouquet--dahlias, ranunculus, freesia, bells of Ireland, queen anne's lace, veronica, delphinium and, of course, zinnias. (The week before the wedding we found out they might not be available after all and Jeanette somehow pulled it off!)

For the ladies of the wedding party--our maid of honor, S's mother and my grandmother--we had small nosegays.
The little bouquets for S's mother and my grandmother were wrapped in handkerchiefs embroidered with their initials.
A Nebraska-red toy truck loaded with flowers. Not a single one has wilted! (It being father's day weekend, I guess a handful of customers that went into the florist shop were asking if it was for sale!) We thought this little arrangement was very significant considering the cover of this book by one of my favorite poets (and bosses!). Just in general, I think there should be more flowers arranged in toys....
With our goal of making the wedding a kind of family reunion, having a memory table was very important to me. Jeanette made a striking white pedestal bowl arrangement for us. The inclusion of the 'snowball' hydrangea really moved me. There is a large bush of the flowers in my grandmother's yard planted by my great grandmother for her wedding more than fifty years ago.

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