Thursday, July 10

Designing Wedding Heirlooms: Looking Back

Allison Garrett has done it again! The first shots of our wedding are back and she has blown me away once more! The girl is good. Really, really good. I mean, really!

The top two are from our ceremony held at the Sunken Gardens here in Lincoln. We completely lucked out on the weather and place--dappled sunshine, perfect temperature, flowers blooming everywhere. Just right for all the flowery dresses of the wedding party. The top right photo is my grandmother and S's mom (my new mother-in-law!) releasing monarch butterflies at the end of the wedding. These little creatures have always reminded me of my mother who couldn't be with us. I can't begin to say what it meant to me to have these two very special people send them off into the gardens and up into the sky. My grandmother is wearing a sun hat I had made for her by Kathi at
Hat-a-tude. You can't see it in this shot but the hat has three big beautiful roses on one side. Needless to say, my babci (Polish for grandmother) was really working it.

The bottom two shots were taken just before the reception held at our home. We just love our neighborhood (we have block parties every few months) and, well, we're writers so we're homebodies--it seemed the perfect thing to do. The photos also show two of my favorite details of the whole weekend. In the bottom left photo, the sweet monogram sign was made by Laura of
TextStyle--more here in my previous post. She sent the piece all the way from Alaska--which rhymes with Nebraska but is much, much farther away! In the bottom right photo is the perfect hair flora from Kelly of K. Autumn. More on the hairpin here and here.

Can I just say again how amazing Allison is? We were so happy to get to spend the day with her. I can't wait to work together again soon!

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lovelymorning said...

cute blog! your photos look beautiful. i especially love the one with your guests in focus and you in the background. Thanks for voting for my board on SMP!

Rebecca said...

Thanks so much, lm! I just loved your color palette. Best wishes!

(If others haven't seen the inspiration board, it's available here:
So fabulous!)

lovelymorning said...

hi again,

i just discovered that you guys had jenna do your calligraphy for your wedding! funny coincidence, we are too. I'm actually designing my invites right now and happened to peek at her blog to see if she had anything new up (i just scanned 20 versions of our names), and there was an announcement that seemed strangely familiar... lincoln, nebraska? sunken gardens? didn't i just read about that somewhere???

anyway, i love jenna's work. she's a good friend of my friend amanda, which is how we found her.

just thought i'd share a funny connection.

Rebecca said...

Such a small world, lm! Jenna did an amazing job for us--just amazing. I wrote a previous post about the whole dramatic story. The first document--an elaborate wedding certificate--was smashed by UPS after she had put in 15 hours of work! And then she remade the whole thing for us in a single day! I can't say enough good things about Jenna and her work. Seriously. What are your calligraphy plans? (I read that you're a graphic designer. Funny to ask here, but do you ever do freelance work by chance?)