Saturday, August 16

In the Spotlight: New K. Autumn Website!

Kelly of K. Autumn has a new and wonderful website! I just can't say enough about how much I love her work (I have a crush on the new gray one--ooo!). The hairpin she made for me was one of the hits of our big day (more posts here and here). The little feather and silk flower is the most precious and beautiful fashion piece I own--no exaggeration. Even more than my dress, it is what made me feel like a bride.

(I hope it's true what they say about needing a sense of humor to have a good marriage because, poor Allison, I couldn't stop giggling all day long. In this last picture, it should be noted I was just trying to wipe icing off S's face--ahem, nothing malicious!)

Update: Kelly added us to her gallery--so fun!

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