Thursday, August 28

Nie Nie Day

Two weeks ago, Stephanie Nielson, blogger behind the Nie Nie Dialogues, and her husband were in the crash of small aircraft. Their fellow passenger, Doug Kinneard, a flight instructor, did not survive his injuries. Stephanie and her husband, the parents of four young children, are currently in critical but stable condition. Surviving with third degree burns, their recovery is expected to take many months and be very expensive.

Stephanie's family and the blog community have created the Nie Recovery site: a place for donations to the fundraising drive for the Nielsen's recovery, an opportunity to learn more about the couple, and a benefit blog to stay updated. Gabrielle at Design Mom has dedicated today NieNie Day and encouraged fellow bloggers to participate by holding silent auctions. The complete list of auctions is available here. The outpouring of support is just tremendous and tremendously moving. I've already put in my bid and hope you will too!

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