Tuesday, August 12

A Vision for the Event: Hot Sun, Cool Citrus

Coco + Kelly is hosting one fabulous wedding board contest--each entry must be based on a well-designed room and the results have been wow! Check out the rules here--I've already put in my entry and you should too!

When I'm putting a board together I'm usually thinking about a small, intimate, sophisticated and budget-friendly wedding. I think that could be a reality here too but I went a bit dreamier. This party is all about richness of place and culture, pattern and texture.

Image sources: Coco + Kelley room, Brides.com, invite by Bella Figura, frozen lemon mousse from Martha Stewart, Christian Oth Photography, Brides.com, flowers by Artfool, Jaqueline VĂ©issid Photography, Jose Villa Photography, Docuvitae Photography, Oh How Charming!.

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coco+kelley said...

so i finally had a moment to pop over here and WOW, i love your blog! also love your board! it's definitely making it to the finals :)