Wednesday, September 24

101 Things: The Big To-Do List Part 4

82. Take a letterpress class.

83. Make a difference in a kid's life--or many kids!

84. Go on an arts & crafts tour with Nancy Crow.

85. Take ten minutes every day to wake up slowly.

86. Give S the gift of a wilderness trip of his choice. I'm guessing he would choose somewhere like this or this....

Update: We had him scheduled to go to Yellowstone this summer but, alas, the trip was cancelled by the Institute. Going to keep trying!

To be continued...!

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cindy : quaint said...

have i told you how much i adore your list ;)?

Rebecca said...

cindy, you're too kind! I'm looking forward to the news on your new photo blog--big haps! :)

Alicia said...

This list is so great...very inspiring! I'm dying to find a letterpress class! My parents have a tiny letterpress that needs a lot of TLC after living in the damp basement of a friend for many years but I would love to put it to use someday!

Rebecca said...

Oh, Alicia--how great! I just love the wave of letterpress love out there, don't you?