Tuesday, September 30

Colorography: Warm Apple Yellow

Today, in the poetry workshop I'm teaching, one of my students had the most wonderful description of a color: warm apple yellow. She was trying to portray the Nebraska sun setting behind farm fence posts (can you see it?) but, to test the description, I was thinking of all the possible ways to describe this color. I was thinking, is it like mustard? Or is it lighter? Like cream? Maybe even softer? There was simply no other way to describe the color--this apple was a perfectly unique specific shade. Poetry at its best.

Have you heard any brilliant descriptions of color lately?

More of the 101 list soon--it's been such a busy, busy week!

(Braised apples with saffron and cider from Martha Stewart.  Other yellowy sources: screenprint by Camilla Engman, The Yellow House by Van Gogh, No. 13 by Mark Rothko, illustration by Maira Kalman.)

Update: Check out Anne's amazing 'mustard' post on City Sage--looove that color, all bright and earthy!

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