Wednesday, September 3

Designing Wedding Heirlooms: Pretty, Pretty Postage

Greer Chicago offers the most fantastic stationery, books, calendars--you name it, they have it and it's all designed beautifully. My favorite thing? Postage with the Mostage. One thing I would have loved to have for our wedding invites: unique, vintage, wildly interesting stamps. I looked and looked myself and then, in the interest of time, had to give up. Bookmaker Bari Zaki coordinates her postage for Greer with these lively colored envelopes. I'm all about reimagining wedding traditions--invitations really don't have to all be the same, do they? Why not make yours truly one of a kind with several colors, shapes, sizes and maybe even handwrite the details for your guests. Still looking to mix and match for a set color scheme? Check out Champion Stamp Company. Martha is stuck on them, too. (One of my very first posts on this blog was on stamps--has it really been that long? Goodness! Speaking of, happy birthday to Snippet & Ink!)

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Kate said...

I love this idea. I always want to use vintage stamps, but can't stand the idea of having to find my own and getting them all to look pretty together and work out to the right postage. What a great service.

lovelymorning said...

one thing you learn: you need A LOT of space on your envelope to fit 59 cents worth of vintage stamps (it seems like most come in the 3 -10 cent range). soooo it gets tricky when your calligraphy takes up almost the entire envelope.

if you're going to go for it, get as many 20-centers as your can find.


Rebecca said...

Such a brilliant tip--it's so easy to forget about inflation. I think of my grandmother--"When I was your age..."--but things really did cost pennies! You might need a pretty large envelope. :)