Tuesday, September 9

Pretty Primer: Learn to Knit a Bit

I'm thinking of a new weekly series--one where you talk to me and teach me about arts and design. Call it a collective conversation on crafts. This first post was an easy one. Friends, I need your help: This winter, my plan is to learn how to knit. My grandmother knit, my mom knit and I've just got to learn how. I bought this book and I'm looking for more suggestions. What are your favorite knitting how-to manuals? Favorite yarns? Favorite patterns? Where should I start? I would just love to conquer creating my own scarf and, hopefully, a little throw. Tell me, what's your advice?

(Images from the delectable Purl Soho.)

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Alicia said...

I'm a pretty unaccomplished knitter but I do have fun! I would definitely recommend taking a class or two if you can find something around you - maybe a basic learn to knit class and then a project class (I wish I had taken a let's make something class!). The books are helpful to a point but there are tons of knitters out there who have lots of great tips & tricks that you won't necessarily learn in a book. I really like some of the Vogue books about different stitches etc - good pics and easy to follow instructions. Good luck - BTW, I linked over here from Snippet & Ink after perusing your lovely wedding photos. May I ask where you found those great red sandals?!

Rebecca said...

Thanks, Alicia! I'm definitely going to look into a class. Don't you think it helps to be in a community? I love learning with others. :)

Ohh, the shoes-yes! Believe it or not, I saw them first on Oh Happy Day, Jordan's great blog: http://jordanferney.blogspot.com/2008_02_01_ archive.html. I bought them via Piperlime. The shoe brand is Poetic Licence (totally fitting since, well, I write and teach poetry!) and they were good for our budget too (about $60 at the time). So comfortable too!

Alicia said...

Thanks for the info on the shoes - can't really justify them as I march forward towards a snowy CO winter, but they will stay on the wish list for spring!!