Wednesday, October 1

Sweet Find (Literally): Pariya

I loved this classy and whimsical cotton candy place setting from the second I saw it. On top of the Cole Porter lyrics on the box (I just adore him), it's the fluffy stuff itself that's just great. From Pariya, they call it 'handmade Persian fairy floss' and it's sold in several flavors including rose, pistachio and saffron (oh my!). Does it get any better than that? Well, they also sell Persian honey toffee, nougat and raahat (Turkish delight) with the most enticing descriptions--sour cherry, hazelnut coconut, citron. Talk about delectable. In addition to weddings, wouldn't these treats make for lovely gifts?

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abby said...

the first one looks more like cotton yarn! and yet...i'm completely craving it now!

Rebecca said...

ha! it does, doesn't it? like the pretty handspun kind...which is, well, not so melt-in-your-mouth. :)

jen said...

wow, these look to pretty to eat but i bet they are delish!