Friday, October 24

Backyard Field Guide: Fall Planting and Planning

We received such a wonderful wedding present this summer--a gift certificate from White Flower Farms (thank you Kelly & Ben!). I didn't waste any time before browsing around--let me tell you! Believe it or not, the fall is a wonderful time to do some planting in the garden. In the end, we chose a peony (one of the lovely magenta ones with buttery yellow centers) and the sweet autumn clematis, which I'm hoping will grow into a nice cloud of flowers over the laundry line (you can't live in the Midwest and not have one of these!).

All this got me thinking--what a wonderful way to plan ahead for your spring wedding: plant your flowers ahead of time and save, save, save. With good timing and a thoughtful plan for some simple, well-designed bouquets and arrangements, don't you think something like these above could be pulled off with ease?

(Images from here.)

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Tartelette said...

I love clematis! They make a perfect bouquet or arrangements!

Rebecca said...

Don't they? I bet they would look lovely on some of your desserts too, Helen--m'mmm! :)

perfect bound said...

Brilliant idea! Beautiful blog. Thanks so much for adding Perfect Bound to your blogroll.

Courtney said...

i love that idea! how special would it be to plant flowers with your mother or your fiance and get to use them in your bouquet the next year?