Tuesday, October 14

Great Gifts Guest: Courtney of The Little White Book

I'm absolutely delighted to introduce our first special guest for our great gifts series, Courtney of The Little White Bride. Welcome, Courtney!

Courtney's wedding blog, based in Richmond, Virginia, is full of lovely, light and elegant events plus a wonderful handpicked list of local vendors for brides-to-be. Her taste is just impeccable. The Little White Book is one of my very favorite reads for heirloom wedding ideas. Isn't this inspiration board simply enchanting?

And now, without further ado, the gift goods from Courtney!

The greatest gift I've ever received: Two scrapbooks that my grandmother made for me. She collected pictures from the time I was born all the way up to me trying on my wedding gown and gave the books to me at a wedding tea hosted by my two of my mom's friends in my hometown a few months before our wedding. (see the image of me looking through one of the books).

{So heartfelt--I love it!}

The greatest gift I've given: A recipe binder to my dear friend Susan who loves to cook. I collected recipes from friends prior to her bachelorette party and compiled them in a pretty binder I found at Target. You can see the post on the binder here.

{Also, click on the recipe image below to enlarge--yummy crispy horseradish salmon, wow!}

Added bonus: I also love giving vintage handkerchiefs to friends who are getting married. I've found this great antique booth in Richmond that has all sorts of vintage monogrammed handkerchiefs -- they're beautiful and all monogrammed with a single initial, which is just perfect!

{So sweet! What a perfect send-off gift for the bride--every lady needs a pretty hankie, am I right?}

Thanks so much, Courtney, for sharing with us!

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abby said...

what a great series! and what a fab post. so cute!

Rebecca said...

aren't Courtney's books the greatest? just lovely and thought-filled!