Friday, October 31

Happy Halloooooweeeeeen!

Boo to you, my dears! I hope you're having a delightfully spooky Halloween! I always love the big question: creepy or cute?

I think I would have to be either a r-r-raven or a beeee hive...!
Any fun costume and decorating ideas where you are?

(All images found here.)

UPDATE: Check out these absolutely adorable and ingenius kiddo costumes via Cup of Jo, the ventriloquist's dummy and Max of Where the Wild Things Are--ohhh my, sweet!

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Anonymous said...

Yay! Happy Halloween! Love this little collection of pics. Those masks are gorgeous!

As for costumes, the creepy or cute conundrum is a difficult one. Though I seem to recall in high school always going for creepy while my best friend went for cute, and then being disappointed when she got all the...ahem...attention from our male counterparts. So I guess creepy or cute depends on your goals for the evening :)

Rebecca said...

happy halloween to you, anne! isn't this just the most delightful holiday, really? I think you're on to a theory about the creepy/cute. for me the spooky veered towards goofy--or was it viceversa? hard to catch anyone's attention in any kind of animal/appliance costume.... ;)

abby said...

happy happy halloween! hope you have a fab weekend!

Joanna Goddard said...

cuteness! :)

Anonymous said...

Bah! I love the ventriloquist dummy!
Our youngest was Max as well this year.