Monday, October 27

Home Is Where the Art Is: Twinrocker Paper

One of my very favorite artisans is Twinrocker Paper, makers of handmade paper and letterpress printmakers (and Martha loves them too!). Learning about book arts in college in California, I dreamt of their watercolor papers for illustration--each piece is simply the best of the best. Little did I know that later on I would live fifteen minutes away from their storefront shop in the tiny town of Brookston, Indiana. An American craft legacy. I mean, traditionally crafted handmade paper--just imagine the wedding invitations! Not to mention, their paper has been used to create some amazing fine art books, including this one by 21st Century Photography with the work of Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison (if you haven't seen their work, it's amazing stuff--imagine the wish you could make with a dandelion puff of that size!). Needless to say, I keep a couple pieces of the beautiful paper around for rainy day inspiration!

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Anonymous said...

Mmm...stuff like this is the reason why computers will never completely replace paper. It's such a feast for the senses! The rough edges, the feel of it beneath your fingers...even the SMELL of paper is seductive! Gorgeous.