Sunday, October 12

Into the Kitchen: South Indian Cuisine

Oh my my! My friend Gayathri made a big dinner for our office yesterday evening. All of her favorite foods from her home in South India were present: spinach dal, shrimp curry, egg green curry, tamarind rice, the list goes on--it was amazing! As I'm learning, most of the Indian foods we eat in restaurants here in the States are Northern Indian cuisine (think tomatoes). Every dish we ate was light, a little creamy (lots of coconut milk) and so flavorful. I count the meal as one of the best of my life.

Try some for yourself: South Indian vegetable curry, scalloped potatoes with coconut milk and chiles, Malabar shrimp in coconut sauce, country-style tomato and cilantro broth (great for an Ayurvedic diet!).

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Sarah Reilly said...

Love these recipes! thanks