Saturday, October 4

Pretty Primer: Joie de Vivre

Sugared almond. Honeysuckle. Egyptian jasmine. Lychee flower. I know a poet who once worked for a French perfume company. Doing what? Writing fragrance descriptions. Talk about a dream job! Recently, I've gotten hooked on reading about the lushest of the lush scents. Some detail the most evocative, lyrical moments. What are your favorites? How would you write your own perfume poem?

UPDATE: Cup of Jo reminded me how much I've been wanting to check out this perfumery (or anti-perfumery). Has anyone enjoyed CB's scents?

(Top left image from here--a little Marc Jacobs for a Saturday night.)

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cindy : quaint said...

how do you know all of these poets rebecca ;)! my favorite scent is orange blossom from jo malone. it is fresh and pretty to me. scott uses lime basil & mandarin by jo malone, too. so, at least our fragrances blen well together.

Rebecca said...

there is just nothing that smells like orange blossom--the fresh ones, crushed--amazing! the scent is up there with tuberose for me--I get totally sentimental for california. as for the poets, they're around and in surprising numbers. ;)

Joanna Goddard said...

mmmmm, sounds so good! i am terrible at choosing perfume. i will definitely try this out! :)