Tuesday, November 11

Good Giving Back

Who doesn't need a new totebag? Macy's Shop for a Better World has some colorful, change-making new pieces--not to mention these black and white baskets, so covet-worthy! When better to give back than the holidays, am I right? I can think of a whole list of nonprofits I would love to support this season (see also here, here, here). What are some of your favorite shops and organizations working to make a happier, healthier, safer world?

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Anonymous said...

I just love the idea of limiting my holiday gifting to purchases that give back in some way...there are so many organizations working to make ethically sourced artisinal goods more available to us here in North America.

I recently heard an NPR special about one called Original Good---they have some gorgeous stuff and it's all fair trade! www.originalgood.com

Rebecca said...

wow! such great stuff, anne--thanks for the tip!

Alicia said...

I like donating in honor of family members to local organizations that are important to them be it a food pantry, arts center etc - they all have so much stuff and say that they would really rather have my $$ going to help other people.

With respect to physical gifts this year I'm aiming to give homemade or small batch items made here in the US by hand. We'll see how it goes.