Sunday, November 9

Sweetest Gifts 2008: For the Batty Brothers

After all my girly wedding-ness this weekend, this list is a shout-out to the wacky wonderful, excellent eccentric boys--you know the ones. A few things stylish and just a little strange--you've got to love it.

Big old cracklin' cereal bowls from Lois Aronow
Scorpion tie via JCrew
Rad wrestler calendar ala Hammer Press
What's up with yurt? Book from ReForm School
Lightfoot's pure pine soap via Canoe
Rockin' Rockmount cowboy shirt

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Courtney said...

I ordered the Yurt book from ReForm School for my husband last year for Christmas- it is a fun gift!

Rebecca said...

aha! so good to know! I've been thinking about picking up a copy for home too--yurts are just too cool.

Jackie said...

I have a batty brother who would love this stuff! I always have fun picking him out quirky little gifts.