Tuesday, January 27

Home Is Where the Art Is: Rose Cabat

Reading through the NYTimes art section today, I feel in love with this image (top) of Rose Cabat's pottery. After her children were raised, Cabat returned to making the art she loved as a child. Often working in isolation, critics have said her work is truly original, influenced by no other potter or trend. Cabat created a line of pots she called 'Feelies', vessels with narrow spouts and glazes that feel feathery to the touch. Some are as small as 2 inches (to fit in your hand!) and others of much grander sizes. Get this: Cabat is still living in Tucson, she's almost 100 years old and she continues to make work! I can't get enough of the jewel tones, the rich earthy tones--I need to see them in person. I'm truly becoming ceramic obsessed...!

(Images found here, here and here.)

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