Thursday, January 15

Into the Kitchen: Quick Weeknight Dinner

With a busy, busy schedule, I haven't made a proper dinner in what feels like ages. Today I was so happy to get back into the kitchen and I whipped up our meal in under an hour--I couldn't believe it! Potato-corn chowder from Martha and yummy popovers from epicurious.

For the soup, I left out the green beans for S and added some heavy cream to thicken the broth--in the end, delectable, creamy goodness! 

I finally got to use the popover pan my mother-in-law gave me last year and it worked like a dream. If you're nervous about making the pastries work, I highly recommend following the recipe closely: get your pan nice and hot first and when you mix the batter, definitely warm the milk--it does the trick for every time! The gruyere isn't necessary but, boy, it is a nice subtle treat. Crunchy, light, soft--they're just the best.

(Images from here and here.)

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maggie said...

Yummm...It's all soup all the time these days. Yours looks delicious!