Wednesday, January 14

Valentine's Day Dreaming

I'm already starry-eyed for my favorite holiday a whole month in advance. There's just so much to love about Valentine's, don't you think?

Personalized 'postcups' from Bailey Doesn't Bark--one of my faves.
Gorgeous satiny gala clutch from JCrew.
Chain, chain, chain--bracelet from bario-neal (how brilliant is their gift packaging?).
Merino moustache gloves from Jack Spade for your favorite handsome, hilarious gent.
Puppy-love from Fauna via DesignPublic.
Je t'aime--why not wake up to these instead of giving chocolate this year?

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coco+kelley said...

looooooving that clutch!!! so yummy.

K said...

Aaahhh love those Jack Spade gloves! I'm definitely not over the mustache trend, and am glad it's living on :)

Great blog, by the way!