Sunday, February 1

Home Is Where the Art Is: Tony Fitzpatrick

Looking at the latest copy of Poetry, I found myself completely enamored with the cover art by New Orleans artist Tony Fitzpatrick. The events of Hurricane Katrina are something I care deeply about--watching the documentaries, reading various writers experiences, taking in the photographs. I don't have any direct ties to the community--no family or friends, never traveled there--but, years after the levees broke, I still feel this great empathy for the people of the region. In an interview with the Times-Picayune Fitzpatrick was quoted as saying: “We love in poetry but, unfortunately, we live in prose. Sometimes the two are not congruent. What we remember of love is usually a fiction. What we aspire to is haiku: short, sweet, perfect.” Aren't these collages doing just what poetry should? The music of the words, the energy of the images, the vital remembrance.

{Click images to enlarge and see all the wonderful detail.}

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Mo said...

These are amazing. I love the intricate patterns.