Monday, February 9

Ahh, Paris in the...Winter?

I admit, it's a bit kitschy but I have an Eiffel Tower webcam on my iGoogle page...each time I open my browser, no matter how many emails I need to reply to or how big the deadline is, there is Paris! Often there's the blue sunset or the Tower is lit up with jubilant lights, all lovely, but for some reason I thought today's rainy shot was especially romantic as we're having that same blustery weather here today. All the delightful dreariness makes me want to leaf through the books of all my favorite French photographers...Doisneau, Brassai, Lartigue...oh, of course, all in black and white! It's been ages since I visited and I would love to get back--what are some of your favorite Paris memories and snapshots?

(Doisneau photographs from here--click images to enlarge, each has a sweet couple sneaking a kiss!)

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caroline said...

love it! paris will now be on my google home page. kitschy we will be together!

east side bride said...

le sigh indeed.