Thursday, February 12

Travel Diary: The Hambledon Gallery

Each time I'm in England, I love to spend a lazy day in Winchester walking the streets, enjoying the cathedral (Jane Austen's no less) and perusing the shops--all especially fine in the summer. I was reminded today, going through some old memorabilia, that, without a doubt, my favorite boutique is The Hambledon--such a wonderful collection of well-designed goods. Each time I'm there I buy myself a new Cath Kidston change purse--as a tradition and because I use mine so often (every day, I admit) that the beloved thing gets tatty after awhile (I still have the first one I ever bought from 10 years ago!). Now, I'm so glad to see, they have an online shop. Elderdowns, Kilner jars, hawthorn and almond scented British, so lovely.

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Dionne said...

Oh I love the coffee and sugar cannisters!

Tina said...

the images are so lovely, Kilner jars are the best! off to check out their online shop!

Emily said...

heaven on earth. i'm feeling some jealousy right now.