Wednesday, February 4

A Vision for the Event: Thank-You Party

I just love the idea of nontraditional ideas for parties--how about a dressed up thank-you dessert for a friend? I based this image board off the lovely Anna Melcon notecard at left--her sense of color is divine. Emerald green, light mint, bright yellow, black. Sometimes I just love the look of an event that's fancy eclectic and a little country...! Plus, this little party could be pulled off on a serious budget--what's not to love?

Images: Anna Melcon Bond (of the soon to be opened Rifle Design Shop--March!), lemon ginger cake with pistachios from epicurious, Paulette Macarons, Anthropologie, Martha Stewart.

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Caitlin said...

I love this yummy post! I am nominating you for the Sweet Lemony blog award! Check out my blog for details!

Emily said...

wow, really lovely.

love, emily