Sunday, March 22

Heirloom Nursery: Baby's First Quilt

It's no secret I love quilts--really love them.

Recently, I've been editing the memoir of one of our quilter friends and got to thinking about the possibilities for our baby's first quilt. Looking around for nursery bedding, I've been pretty disappointed in the range of colors and style for little boys (did I mention? we're having a boy!). Everything is blue, red and brown and--I'm going to say it!--so boring (!). Have you noticed this too?

This feeling led me to start researching the baby blankets of the past at our local museum, Lincoln's International Quilt Studies Center. What I found was that the traditional of the crib quilt is really a fascinating one--especially here in the Midwest where these small blankets were an Amish tradition. The rich blacks and deep blues, the modern-feeling stripes, blocks and cubes. Hope we can find a way to do something similar--so many creative possibilities for our tiny new guy!

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Tara said...

Oh congrats, Rebecca! I am sure you both are so excited to meet him!

Baby quilts are a tradition in my family- they are something wonderful. Sadly I carried mine around to shreds when I was young!

Rebecca said...

thanks, Tara--so kind! wow, same story for me too--the blanket my mother made for me didn't quite make it out of the dryer one day, oops! but it's all the affection that matters most, right? somehow those handmade things are so much more lovable!

p.s. just love your profile pic, those pink shoes!

Anonymous said...

Yay! A boy! Have you started narrowing down names?

I'm so intrigued by quilts lately. Some friends of mine are getting married and I"m thinking of doing a quilt for their wedding gift. Such a lovely way to mark life's special occasions!