Wednesday, April 22

Find It on Film: Grey Gardens

Even more than films, I adore documentaries and Grey Gardens is among my very, very favorites of all time. Fashion, poetry, dance, song, design, architecture and, of course, gardens--it's a near-perfect piece. Because of this, I have to admit, I'm pretty skeptical about this new version of the musical (Drew Barrymore? really?) and I'm probably not going to tune in (maybe you can convince me!). But, that said, all the talk of the movie has brought about some great remembrances from those who knew the Beales, their home and style, and I'm reveling in it. Especially these photos from the current owners of Grey Gardens. As Little Edie says, "It's all embedded together. Believe it or not, the past is part of the present and the future is here with us now."

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christina said...

me too!! grey gardens is my all time favorite...i think i've seen it at least 25 times...

i haven't seen the musical, but the HBO adaptation was *fantastic*. one of the maysles brothers was a consulting producer, so it was fairly accurate (as far as the doc part, i'm sure they embellished the flashbacks). but drew was really good, i have to say. i actually was really touching...we taped it & i'm so glad i want to watch it again!! so it's worth watching!!

and *thanks* for posting the current owner photos!! these are fantastic!!