Tuesday, April 7

Heirloom Nursery: Jennifer Murphy Bears

You've heard me sing Jennifer Murphy's praises before--she and her work are wonderful. I'm so excited to share that we've been talking about creating a custom made bear for our baby....

Once upon a time, when I met S, he had just returned home from a 6-month stay in a backcountry Oregon ranch, an hour and a half from the nearest town, writing in solitude, where there were--being a city girl this always gets me!--black bears. Wild black bears roaming around, eating blackberries, scratching up wasp nests, doing all the things very real bears do. It was a special time for him to say the least--out there roughing it in the wild. And now, here we are, six years later, with his memoir about that time due out next spring a new little bear on the way even sooner. I'm so thrilled Jennifer is going to help us celebrate and commemorate with a another bear friend to be dragged around with love.

If you missed out on the JM spring sale yesterday, definitely sign up for her newsletter to get the latest on the up-and-coming and read up on her sweet blog. Oh, and wish her congrats as well! She's also due this summer with her first--hooray! hooray!

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christina said...

so cute...i love all the baby posts that are seeping into your blog...cute. cute. cute.

also just wanted to say thanks for the sweet note about our oona...it means a lot!

Anonymous said...

I read an old Nancy Drew book when I was 13 about antique teddy bears and the mystery behind a collector and her bear. It was very interesting and has always made me curious about old stuffed bears. The look of them...you just know they have stories to tell.