Saturday, April 4

Heirloom Nursery: Style on a Budget

What a wild week--I'm so sorry to have been away for so long and can't wait to get back in touch! Hope you're getting the first tastes of spring where you are. We've got daffodils here but also a couple inches of snow in the forecast...could it really be? Whew!

In the midst of my busy business, I've been dreaming about the nursery for our baby-boy-to-be--a surprising challenge and a delight. You know me: I love big colors, sentimental art pieces to keep, staying on budget, craftiness, hands-down good design. After our wedding last year, I thought, how different could it be? You pick a palette, pick a theme, have some fun. But, wow, the project and the resources are completely different (as S says, 'look out, baby culture is after us!')--or at least it seemed at first.

Wanting to hold on to those same principles, I decided to simplify, simplify, simplify. Instead of buying an expensive coordinating crib set, I went with a nice basic white bumper and skirt for the vintage-looking Jenny Lind crib we chose (I'm sad to say I don't see them in the Land of Nod collection anymore--it's a beautiful, inexpensive piece--if you can get your hands on one, snap it up!). The beauty of this is the set cost $60 (total!), it looks so clean and fresh, and now I can mix-and-match sheets, curtains, other furniture, accessories and what-not to my heart's content.

That one choice has made the designing process really come alive and now that we're back to basics, I'm ready to build up the vision: I found this sweet wild kingdom mobile (from Copenhagen Styles), three colors of gingham sheets to match (Pottery Barn Kids), and a 'Keep Calm' poster that I could potentially add (for some humor, of course!--this one from the Keep Calm Gallery). So, what's next? I'm on the look out for some patterned fabric (maybe from Purl) to complement and contrast the gingham...some fun toys and accessories...some fine touches of heirloom pieces...hmmm! Any suggestions for me? I need all the help I can get!

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