Saturday, December 15

Nebraska Poets on Sheldon Painters: Moving Forward

The official press release is about to go out: Nebraska Poets on Sheldon Paintings Contest. The museum has received a generous grant from the Nebraska Arts Council and we're moving rapidly forward with the publicity. Needless to say, I'm thrilled about the opportunity to solicit work from poets of all ages living in our fair state and our judges are excellent: Hilda Raz, Susan Aizenberg, Grace Bauer, Mary K. Stillwell. The contest is running in conjunction with the upcoming exhibition "Poets on Painters". If it's coming to a museum near you I highly recommend it. Collaboration, community, interarts--it inspires one to imagine what other kinds of partnerships are possible. (Above painting is from the Sheldon Memorial Gallery collection: Fairfield Porter, "Long Island Landscape with Red Building," oil on canvas, about 1962. Porter, too, was a friend of poets, specifically James Schuyler and the NY School.)

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