Monday, May 26

Wedding To Do: Welcome Bags

First thing, I really, really need a new camera. Forgive the blurry photos! I just put up the essentials because, wow, yikes....

I've been working away on the welcome bags for our out-of-town wedding guests and just finished putting them all together. Reading the wedding blogs was a huge help in this area--I gathered so many fun and practical ideas. I found the bags
here--they were really inexpensive and eco-friendly (made of bamboo!).

What's included:
1) 2 bottles of water,
2) a wedding cd mix in one of
these Paper Source enclosures & a fun label (it reads: "From This Moment On" referring to the Cole Porter tune),
3) the weekend schedule rolled up into a scroll and bound with a piece of
paper from our invitations,
4) one rubber duckie,
5) a composition notebook with a certificate of
contribution to a literacy fund & two pencils tied with a red bow (we're both writers and care deeply about education),
6) a
"something's hiding in here" bag
(I can't say enough about the wonderful work of these etsy artisans!) filled with party toys & chocolates,
7) animal crackers (in the
classic box),
8) a disposable camera,
9) a mason jar with dry ingredients & our recipe for cornmeal cookies (because, well, we live in the Cornhusker state),
and, last but not least,
10) a door-hanger envelope (the label says "Welcome to Lincoln" with a small city graphic, the envelope is
this Paper Source enclosure) with brochures to local sites (like here, here and here), a map & list of our favorite places and a postcard with postage.

It's amazing how much you can pack in a little bag! A little cellophane, a bow and we're set.

Now, off to buy a new camera...! Thank goodness for the timely tax relief.

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Peonies and Polaroids said...

Wow, you have been busy! They're great.

Welcome bags were a project I really liked the idea of but unfortunately we've had to jettison them due to lack of time, money, energy. And the fact that ALL of our guests are from out of town!