Thursday, May 29

Backyard Field Guide: Robin's New Nest

It has been a busy, busy week in our garden! I was just about to put my post up about all this when our neighbor stopped by. There's a big storm on the horizon here and on the prairie that's no small thing: it's tornado season. In the immediate what that means is taking in all of our potted plants (which, thanks to the wedding, there are many of...!) so that the wind doesn't break any stems or whip them off the porch. While doing this, I was thinking what I had to write about today was, well, sort of thin. I was going to write about a bowl of zinnias I clipped from our plants in the hopes that they would bloom on the big day, new pots I planted, the herb favors for the party (all in the above photos)...sort of interesting. But then I took down the hanging baskets and put them in our kitchen:

Talking on the phone with my good friend Ben this morning, sitting on the stoop, I noticed a robin land with a beak full of straw, took off for awhile and then returned. Sure enough, here was his handiwork and homeplace in my hanging plants. From above, the nest is remarkable: one perfect circle. To be honest, I'm not quite sure what to do--leave it? move it? keep it? What would you say?

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