Monday, May 12

Sweet Find: McMaster & Storm

The 'irrestible shop' of McMaster & Storm has opened an online boutique full of all sorts of ephemera & goodies (I found them thanks to housemartin). The candies above come in flavors like 'tamarindo' & 'arancia'--the words alone are dreamy. I also managed to find a graduation present for a France-traveling friend of mine (there's nothing like planning ahead!). Ribbon, soaps, swan figurines--all things sentimental and in the most delicate way.

What had me really excited were these Dresden Swallow trinkets (see above). They may find their way onto the bouquets at our wedding. The serendipity is remarkable because everything seems to be birds right now.

A few instances: I've been eyeing
this necklace for months now:

We received our first wedding present last week--a birding field guide and call recording (such a poetic gift).

And, yesterday, checking out the ceremony site, we spotted a magnolia warbler, a somewhat rare sight in Nebraska from what I understand. The little guy looked like this:

(Photo found here.)

Fancy feathered creatures everywhere. Somehow things are coming together...hmmmm!

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