Saturday, May 31

Backyard Field Guide: Peach Surprise

This painting by Cezanne is, of course, called Still Life with Plate of Cherries...and it, like our backyard, also features peaches--which I somehow overlooked.

Last night, walking around our garden, we peered up into the branches of this old tree behind the garage and S said, "What are these??" Tiny green nut-like fruits everywhere. And I thought, "Peaches...!"
So, after three full years of living here, wondering what this mysterious flowering tree was (our last best guess was Hawthorne), we now know from our neighbor that it is a peach tree and it is just covered in fruit, my favorite fruit. Little did we know when we moved into this house that it was formerly the homeplace of a university botanist. We've been finding treasures ever since and trying to maintain them. Lincoln has great garden resources and so I'm hoping to enlist a local arborist in helping us care for the tree and what looks to be a remarkable harvest. I'm not one to say that this was somehow a miraculous magical serendipity but the timing is pretty amazing....

Peaches! If you've never seen
this clip, I highly recommend it. Because after I thought about pies a plenty, I thought of, well, Will Ferrell.

As soon as the new camera arrives, I promise there will be more pictures!

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UPDATE: We've just found out from our an arborist friend of our new neighbor: it is actually an
apricot tree! The difference? It's all in the leaves--the apricot has heart-shaped leaves and the peach a thinner leaf! Go figure.

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