Saturday, May 31

Designing Wedding Heirlooms: Quilting Bee

Ever since we received the fabulous gift of a quilt, I've been thinking of asking the maker to design a second piece--a twin, you could say, or a second piece in a quilt diptych. Because the original is in darker tones, I thought maybe we could do something with lighter colors and use the fabrics from our wedding--the fabric photobooth I've made with this fabric, the gingham table runners--as well as other significant clothes and linens we have. I was just browsing around Portovert and reread the article on Angela Matusik's wedding. On her blog, she has a wonderful post about doing just this project with great folksy results--isn't the quilt above lovely? I highly recommend checking out her other great ideas.

Speaking of quilts, for more see
Nibs great 70s Crafts post.

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