Monday, June 2


Life lessons from the wedding front:

It never hurts to plan ahead--really, months ahead.
Look once, look twice and check in early.
Beautiful things can happen suddenly and unexpectedly.

This past week we had three near disasters:

I had dropped my dress off at the cleaners to be steam pressed and, when I went to pick it up, I found a decent sized stain on the back. Thankfully, we noticed before driving off and the folks were nice enough to clean & press the whole thing again for free. Plus, they turned it around in a day.

On top of that, I called my florist to see about confirming the last minute details and schedule and found that the designer I had been working with was
no longer working there. In the end, it seems the new person is much more detail-conscious and everything seems to be settled. For a few hours there I was--to say the least--a bit concerned. Just a little.

And just today my salon called to tell me my stylist is in Puerto Rico and couldn't make it to the appointment we scheduled two months ago. But, thankfully, I'm in three days before the big one.

The wonderful surprise: Our neighbors have really been so kind in helping us out with the party--lending linens & tablewares, making food, lending us refrigerator space. Originally, when we decided to have our reception at home, I thought about just this kind of coming together. I don't imagine there is any greater feeling of love than your family, friends and community celebrating this specific occasion and sharing with you in their own unique ways. It's just amazing how these kinds of gestures can make one feel! Our first peony bloomed this week and it seems to me the perfect symbol. They grow so vigorously in this neighborhood and, to me, represent such generous blessings.

Now, after that emotional break, back to my chores! Got to keep on schedule!

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