Tuesday, June 3

Designing Wedding Heirlooms: Calligraphy Catastrophe

I can't begin to say how much I appreciate Jenna Hein of Love, Jenna and her amazing calligraphy. Wow.

Yesterday, she finished our wedding certificate and popped it in the overnight mail. The box arrived this morning, we opened it and, I mean, the piece was
lovely. Every letter, word, drawing and brush stroke...perfect. She had also included the sweetest handwritten note.
S and I were both so moved. With this piece of art, all of our closest friends and family would give their blessing to our marriage. Something to cherish.

Then, the heartbreaking news: somehow, in transit, UPS had dented the box--just enough to put creases all over the document (see above photo--so sad!). More than the object, I was thinking about all of Jenna's hard work & artistry! She had spent hours on the piece--a full day and a half working.
So much time and effort.

Around 10:30 tonight, she emailed saying she had redone the whole thing, it had turned out better than ever and I would received it Thursday...! I am simply amazed. My respect and appreciation are boundless. I want to tell everyone I know about Love, Jenna. When the new box arrives, I'll be sure to put up photos so you can see her remarkable handwriting.

If you're looking for a calligrapher you couldn't find a better professional, artist and person than Jenna. She is the best and I wish her all the best.

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