Sunday, September 21

101 Things: The Big To-Do List Part 1

97. Visit Italy to do an internship at the Spannocchia Foundation farm.

98. Finally read Anna Karenina and watch Garbo play the role.

99. Find an extraordinary hat and work it, work it!

100. Learn to play the violin in the spirit of my great-grandfather who, as a classically trained woodworker, made them.

101. Volunteer in a neighborhood renewal and community garden project (what a difference a green space makes!) and spend some more time in NYC.

To be continued...!

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Bertie said...

I absolutely love your blog and from what I read we are very similar! I am certainly gonna keep an eye on your list!!! :-D

Rachel said...

Wow, what wonderful aspirations! Thanks for sharing these…you gave me a couple of ideas myself. Doesn’t it feel so good just to document what you really want. It just seems to make those dreams one step closer to coming true. Good luck to you!

cindy : quaint said...

looks great to me, although i would swap the 'violin' for the 'guitar'. not much different though, just a little bit larger. you can still rock out on an electric violin 'vanessa mae' style ;)!

maggie said...

i vote to move nyc up on your list— come visit soon!

Courtney said...

Do you have any of the violins made by your great-grandfather? That would be incredible.

I love that you are sharing your list with us. One thing on my big to-do list is reading all the books from a list I was given for a class, titled "Great Books," which I took in high school.

We each chose the books we wanted to read, but the list was very long, and I think I only read six books during the semester. Working my way through the remaining books has been on my "to-do in life" list ever since.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Maggie, I'm wishing! I've got to make way back to the city and I would so love to see you. :)

Cindy--I love it! Would you play acoustic or electric? :)

Courtney--Wow! Which books do you have yet to read? Any favorites?

emily said...

This is a great little feature. I look forward to following you on your journey to complete them!


Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I love this idea. 101 things??? EEk...I don't know if I could think of that many, but now I'm intrigued. :)