Thursday, September 25

101 Things: The Big To-Do List Part 5

77. Eat at Blue Hill at Stone Barns. And at Momfuku. And Alinea. And Asanebo. And Pierre Gagnaire. And....

78. Take a really, really long walk. Maybe in New Zealand. (Lola, let's do it!)

79. Get a studio organized. I'm dreaming of one of these...don't you think a good art table is underestimated? Such a wonderful thing! Loving Chenin Boutwell's shop and Laura's of Wren Handmade. I need to get my stuff together and get back to work making art objects!

Update: I did it...I bought the table!  More news when it arrives.

80. A pragmatic green one: cut the number of catalogs we receive in half...!

Update: Oh, useless mail, I pity thee....

81. Be a beekeeper. (More immediately, I need to remember to buy some honey and put it on these!)

To bzzzz continued...!

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