Friday, September 19

Gratitudes: Fall's Little Favors

It's been a busy couple days here--whew! Meeting new students, teaching, grading, helping colleagues with a fundraising event, making dinner for a friend, keeping up around the house. Among all this running around, the season seems to be taking care of me. There have been some really fine things: homemade buttermilk biscuits, picking out bulbs for spring blooms, finding my first autumn leaf, listening to the melodic new Emmylou Harris album (this song is unbelievable). On top of all this, I'm so glad to be back to writing here! Thank everyone for reading and holding these great conversations with me. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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maggie said...

was just looking at homemade biscuits on another blog, did yours come out? any pointers?

hope you have a moment to enjoy the fall amid the rush of it all.

Rebecca said...

Oh, Maggie, they were so good! The key, as I understand it, is not to overmix. On top of that, I'd suggest making them really thick. A little strawberry jam and they're heavenly.